Yoga with Marina

Marina Otten is a passionate yogi. She lives in the nearby village of Kisbarkany with her Belgium husband and their 3 children. She has been practicing and studying yoga for many years and will present a program that suits for the seasoned practicer as well as for those who are new to yoga. Bedepuszta is often praised by yoga teachers for its tranquility and its special energy. During The Great Yonder, the yoga sessions will take place in the new Yavanna venue, overlooking the green valley.


Slow, Meditative Hatha Yoga
Aim: back decompression; to get into our bodies to strengthen our minds + closing relaxation 

Spine Yoga for Beginners
You will feel taller after the class, we will go deep into our spines, helps for posture and back pain 

Energizing Vinyasa Flow

One breath-one movement system
You can expect to sweat, it will get you ready to start the day with a lot of energy and a good vibe

Morning Yin Yoga
We will hold postures for longer to reach stillness, this class is a perfect hip opener, and by opening up the hip we will release trapped energy that is stress and tension from our bodies

Marina Otten