Jaap Scholten (NL)

The Dutch author Jaap Scholten, internationally known from his book Comrade Baron lives in Hungary most of the time. His Libris History award winning book, Comrade Baron, will have a central spot during The Great Yonder.

In this book Jaap Scholten travels through big parts of Hungary and Romania where he meets the descendants of the former Transylvanian aristocracy.

Kameraad Baron is a guideline for the discovery of an almost lost world. The  lectures offer an opportunity to explore the mountains of Transylvania and discover the history of this area well informed as well as inspired.

Jaap Scholten wrote a large amount of columns for the Dutch NRC Handelsblad about his life in Hungary. These columns are bundled in his book Heer en Meester. With his stories he is a very welcome guest in Bedepuszta.

During The Great Yonder Jaap, or one of his guests, wil give a lecture. Which guests will join him, will be announced later.

Jaap Scholten