Bedepuszta is not an ordinary village. The southern part of the village is turned into a festival area with bars, kitchens, workshops and a stage. the whole area offers a great view over the valley. enjoy the good life in a hammock, have a swim, take a sauna or play beachvolleyball or some other games.

Note that photos can be outdated or absent because we were still at work last summer. New and better pictures will be published in May.

The Yonderbar

The first building when you enter Bedepuszta is the Yonderbar, the cosy heart of the village. You can go here anytime for homemade lemonade, regionally stoked palinka and good beers. The pub is a cosy space with a bar, a salon with a big collection of good board games and a covered outdoor terrace with a view of the Matra mountains and the pub garden. 

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is a large covered space with 140 seats where guests can come in the morning for a good breakfast during the Breakfast Club. The rest of the day, the Pavilion is a public place where people can come to eat. Food is provided by the food truck and the kitchen on the opposite end.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a lovely place to cool down. Beside it, there is a field with chairs and sun mats. The swimming pool is open from sunrise to sunset.

Beach volley

The field for beach volleyball is 16 metres by 8 metres and is located at the foot of a hill, with a beautiful view of the valley. You can use it for free, but you do have to pay a deposit for the ball at the reception.

Hammock Camp

Between the beach volleyball field and the Yonderbar you can find the most relaxed place in the village, where you can doze off in one of the 20 hammocks, sip on a drink or read a book.


The stage is located in the pub garden, in front of the Yonderbar. This is where concerts take place, every day after 5:00 PM. You’ll have a good view of the stage from the covered terrace and the tea garden, and the garden itself offers room for 250 persons.

The Field

Up the hill from the Paviljoen and the swimming pool, there is a cosy place with picnic tables and hammocks, where you can enjoy a hammock under the apple trees and drink locally made lemonades, Hungarian special beers and good tea or coffee.


The Hang-out is a relaxed place in an old farm, where you can play table football or throw some darts, but also sit in the cool shade and play some games. Next to the Hang-out, there is also a small expo room.


The former village school was transformed into a large space that is being used to host the readings of Jaap Scholten and his guests and other speakers. There are dance shows and film screenings here too.

Wine cellar

At the moment, we are working hard on a cool wine cellar with a panorama terrace. This is where the wine experts of Doblo Winebar will give presentations on Hungarian wines and grape varieties.