The Great is a private event. Its not possible to buy tickets at this moment. If you have any questions, view the questions page or contact us.

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Festival tickets

Tickets for The Great Yonder are valid for the entire festival from 15-18 August 2019, including camping from 15-21 August 2019. The Great Yonder is a closed event.
There are no tickets for sale!


Buses run directly from Budapest Airport to The Great Yonder. For visitors who come by car, parking is available for a fee.


Book a house or room here in Bedepuszta (while supplies last). There are also glamping options in the form of Bell Tents and Garden Beds. An overview of all accommodation options can be found on the accommodation page.


Want to enjoy a good breakfast every day at the Pavilion? Than book your ticket for the Breakfast Club here. Also check the other services such as lockers with 220V, mountain bike rental and parking tickets.