At the southern side of Bedepuszta, old farms and the former village school have been turned into recreational areas.

Crossing the road and entering the bar garden, you will find the stage, where concerts will take place every evening. At the other side of the garden is the campfire place. Opposite the stage you find the Yonderbar, the living room of the village, where you can enjoy good drinks and company from morning till late at night. Walking uphill, you pass the Kitchen and the Pavilion, where you can eat, chill or play a game of pool.

Next, are the swimming pool and the old orchard, where guests chill in the hammocks under the old trees. On the westside children can play at the Folk Fair, a collection of old Hungarian games including a hand driven carousel. Passing the meadow we come across the Club House which is open for all visitors. Here you can play darts or ping-pong, disappear behind the laptop or grab a good book. Continuing uphill there’s more hammocks to enjoy, as well as a badminton court. The next building is the former village school which is now built into a multifunctional space for concerts, workshops or film screenings.

Opposite the School you find the huge traditional wood oven, the cellar and the wine terrace, where the exclusive dinners and the wine tasting will take place. On top of the hill, after crossing the clamping area, waits the wellness, with a sauna, a jacuzzi and a Transylvanian wood tub. Also yoga and massage sessions will take place here.

Downhill, at the other side of the recreational area, you will also find a beach volleyball field and a hammock camp.

The Yonderbar

The first building when you enter Bedepuszta is the Yonderbar, the cosy heart of the village. You can go here anytime for homemade lemonade, regionally made palinka, perfect wines and good beers. The pub is a cosy space with a bar, a salon with a big collection of good board games and a covered outdoor terrace with a view of the Matra mountains and the pub garden, which includes a stage and a fireplace. 

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is a large covered space with 120 seats where guests can come in the morning for a good breakfast. The rest of the day, the Pavilion is a public place where people can come to eat or play a game of pool. Food is provided in the Kitchen opposite the Pavilion.

The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is essential for a cool down dip on a hot summer day. Next to it, there is a field with chairs and sun mats. For small children there will be a small additional children’s pool.The swimming pool is open from sunrise to sunset.

Folk Fair

The Stage

The stage is located in the pub garden, in front of the Yonderbar. This is where concerts take place every evening. You’ll have a good view of the stage from the covered terrace and the tea garden, and the garden itself offers room for more than 250 persons.

The Summer Bar

Up the hill from the Pavilion and the swimming pool, there is a field with a summer bar, picnic tables, folk games and hammocks, where you can swing and relax under the apple trees and drink locally made lemonades, Hungarian special beers and good tea or coffee.

The Club House

The Club House is a relaxed place in an old farm, where you can play table football or throw some darts, but also sit in the cool shade and play some games. Next to the Hang-out, there is also a small expo room.


The former village school was transformed into a large space that is being used to host the readings of writers and other speakers. Also it functions as a venue for gigs and film screenings.

Panorama Terrace

The terrace is another great spot to enjoy the view over the valley. The shady terrace is surrounded by acacia trees and located above the cellar. During The Great Yonder the terrace is turned into an outdoor restaurant where guests can enjoy an exclusive dinner and tastings.


The Yoga house and the wellness are located on top of the hill. The Yoga house is the place for massages and gyrotonic trainings. Yoga activities take place in the hidden garden behind the Yoga house. The wellness includes a sauna, a Transylvanian salt water tub and a hot tub.


Every evening after sunset people gather together at the campfire. Enjoying a drink, gazing at the fire, listening to stories or an acoustic guitar, the campfire is always one of the places to be

Beach volley & Hammock Camp

The field for beach volleyball is 16 metres by 8 metres and is located at the foot of a hill, with a beautiful view of the valley. You can use it for free, but you do have to pay a deposit for the ball at the reception.Between the beach volleyball field and the Yonderbar you can find one of the most relaxed places in the village, where you can doze off in one of the 20 hammocks, sip on a drink or read a book.