A ticket for The Great Yonder is including camping space. You can put up your tent on the campsite or in another designated space in the village. There are showers and toilets. For people who want more comfort there are various options, from completely furnished bell tents to rooms, houses or cabins.

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Houses (sold out!)

Rozsa House

660 euro for 5 nights – SOLD OUT!

The rose house is in the centre of the village. The house has a lawn and a small garden with a cosy patio. Inside there is a long hallway with two separate rooms: a bedroom with a double bed and a living room. It’s possible to put an extra bed in the living room. There is a separate toilet, and a bathroom. The kitchen is also the dining room and there is a dishwasher present.

Alma House

680 euro for 5 nights – SOLD OUT!

The spacious house offers an atmospheric bedroom with double bed, an eat-in kitchen with dishwasher, a cosy living room, a separate bathroom and a separate toilet. In front of the house you will find a covered terrace, a garden with a seat under the apple tree and a parking space next to the house. 

Szilva House

880 euro for 5 nights

The house is located on the main road and it has a big, partially covered courtyard that merges into a garden. The Szilva house consists of three bedrooms, a living room, an eat-in kitchen, a bathroom with toilet and shower and an extra toilet. The mud house is about a hundred years old and was built in the traditional style, oblong, with the living room on the street side. If desired, the lessor can put up an extra tent in the garden without extra costs.

Bartók House

600 euro for 5 nights – SOLD OUT!

There are a lot of swallows in the village, and many of them build their nests in the vicinity of this house. Aside from a cosy courtyard and a garden, this house offers a traditional living room, a bedroom with double bed, a bathroom with shower and toilet, and a simple kitchen/dining room. If desired, the lessor can put up an extra tent in the garden without extra costs.

Othello House


One of the most spacious houses in the village, with a garden, a playing field and an orchard. In the garden you will also find a patio and a fireplace. The house itself consists of a kitchen with a dishwasher, a dining room with 6 chairs, two spacious bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with 3 twin beds. In the big living room, there is a traditional kemence (brick wood burner/oven). There is a bathroom with a shower and a separate toilet. If desired, the lessor can put up an extra tent in the garden without extra costs

Dolina House

780 euro for 5 nights – SOLD OUT!

This square house for 1-4 persons is located in the north of Bedepuszta and surrounded by nature. The bedrooms offer a beautiful view of the creek field and the volcano. Surrounding the house, there is a spacious garden with an ‘outdoor room’, a half covered, walled in terrace, which serves as an extra room during the summer. The house itself has a double and twin bedroom, a small dining room and a kitchen. The bathroom has a toilet and a shower. If desired, the lessor can put up an extra tent in the garden without extra costs

Lenti House

690 euro for 5 nights – SOLD OUT!

On the northern border of the village, you will find the Lában House. A modern house with a living room with open kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a toilet. Next to the house there is a roofed terrace, with a spacious garden to the south. The sofa in the living room can be transformed into a sofa bed.

Camping Upgrades


190 euro for 5 nights

This simple wooden house combines the advantages of sleeping in a tent, the outside air and the atmosphere of sleeping in a small space, with the comfort of a real bed. The house offers a double mattress (130×200 cm), a storage space under the bed and a small dressing room.

Bell Tents

  • The comfortable bell tents are among the most popular glamping accommodation. The spacious tents have a diameter of 5 metres and are furnished with beds, clothing, chairs, a lamp and a power point to charge devices.

The Bell Tents are available in various shapes: double bed, twin beds, triple beds and twin double (2 double beds) from 310 euro for 5 nights.

Camper Spots

The are only camper and caravan spots without 220V left. Price is 55 euro for 5 nights

Apartments (sold out)


440 euro for 5 nights

There is a total of 10 independent rooms in Bedepuszta. The rooms consist of a bathroom with toilet and shower and a bedroom. All rooms are twin rooms, but you can also put the beds together. All rooms have Wi-Fi and their own entrance from the balcony