Cross-country MTB

The area around Bedepuszta is a great challenge for trained cyclists. A tour of Mátra is easy to do from Bedepuszta. The roads are quiet and the landscape is beautiful and diverse.

For cyclists with a more relaxed approach, the Mátra could be a little too demanding. Some slopes around Bedepuszta, especially those to the Bede Valley, are already challenging enough for someone who regularly cycles. There are several nice destinations for those who don’t wish to go off-road. The Buddhist stupa for example, 12 km away, or the monastery of Szentkút, is 18 km from Bedepuszta.

The area is particularly suitable for cross-country mountain biking. There are countless country roads through the woods and along the fields. There is a beautiful route through the nature reserve to the beautiful village of Hollókö in the west and through the forests in the north to the town of Széchény. To the southeast you go through the ruins of the Samson castle to the Buddhist stupa, and in the east you can go through the forest to the monastery of Szentküt. One disadvantage: some paths are very difficult to pass if it has been raining.For experienced mountain bikers there are trails on the Karanc and the Medves, mountains 20 km north of Bedepuszta.

During The Great Yonder, it’s possible to rent a mountainbike.