The Great Yonder is an event in a fairytale-like location, where artists have the freedom to make the music they want to make, and where guests can enjoy nature and a sense of space. A holiday-festival experience with a maximum of 250 visitors and readings by inspiring speakers. But also qi gong and yoga classes, wellness, games and activities, good food and quality Hungarian wines and beers. 

The spot

It all takes place in Bedepuszta: Village Retreat. This authentic village has been renovated and is turned into a holiday retreat. It's located at the end of a dead-end road in a beautiful valley, where you can walk through forests and fields for hours, without seeing any buildings or meeting any people. Because of the small scale of the event ( a maximum of 200 guests) and the spacious area, The Great Yonder is a mini retreat-festival with really unique feeling. No dixies, no plastic cups, all quality. Bedepuszta is more than an idyllic place, it’s also an ecological and cultural project, with The Great Yonder being part of it.

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In the morning there's Breakfast Club, the swimming pool, the sauna and the hot tubs are open, there's yoga and an ecstatic dance program. In the afternoon we enjoy a free program where musicians make music they want to make on a location of their choice. Additionally there are tastings, speakers and workshops. In the evening bands play at the stage and in the night a modest party might develop in the cosy Yonderbar. For children there's a swimming pool and a many children programs. Meanwhile great food is served in the kitchen where we cook with local products. Excellent Hungarian wines, homemade lemonades and beers will be served at the bar.

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The Great Yonder is also a unique holiday experience. The programme takes 4 days, but tickets include breakfast and 5 days of camping. There are plenty of glamping possibility for people who want more luxury and there are a (limited) number of nicely renovated cottages and rooms available. The beautiful landscape is present everywhere and the village has facilities like a swimming pool, bar, sauna and much more.

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Do you want to be there?

A remote village in the Hungarian Carpathians may sound far away, but the travel time from Budapest is only one hour. Pick-up busses drive from Budapest Airport on 1 August and back on the 6th. Tickets include a 4 day program (2-5 August), 4 days breakfast (2-6 August) and 5 nights of camping (1-5 August) and cost 298 euros. Camping is allowed from 1 August 3 pm. We want to keep The Great Yonder small and personal, so the number of tickets is limited to 200.

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