On this page you can find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us via our contactform.


In the hamlet of Bedepuszta: Village Retreat in Northern Hungary. Check www.villageretreat.eu
There are special busses from Budapest Airport straight to Bedepuszta, but you can also rent a car from Budapest. The distance is only 95 km, one hour drive.
No, the few people who live in the village are all involved in the event.
Yes, please visit www.villageretreat.eu
Guests are also automatically sponsors of the Bedepuszta Project in Bedepuszta. The income generated from renting out accommodation, for example, is invested in green and cultural pro-jects. Our vision goes beyond commercial exploitation of the location. The small scale of Bedepuszta offers great opportunities in the area of food production, waste processing, energy production and water management. But also in the field of culture in the form of, for example, artists in resi-dence, cultural exchange programmes and small events.


Yes, we have our own glass fiber connection. There's wifi in the houses and on the festival.
Yes. The festival is on a remote spot but most of the village has 4G access.
Real toilets and real showers. Apart from the 24 showers and 26 toilets in the houses we have 18 toilets and 8 showers in public spaces.
Yes, but locals prefer mineral water from the bottle.
No, the nearest ATM is 12 km from Bedepuszta. At the festival we pay with tokens, these can be bought by card.

Eat and drink

Good food! We have acclaimed chefs cooking modern and traditional food. At the kitchen, meals and (healthy) snacks will be available from noon till 10PM.
Normal wine, beer and soda cost about 3 euro per glass. We work with tokens. One token will be about 3 euro.
We work with tokens. Tokens can be bought with Hungarian forint or euro. Paying with bankcard is also possible.
We serve a simple but good breakfast every morning in the Pavilion. The breakfasts for 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 August are included in the ticket price.
Yes, we will serve meals on the evening of 6 August. There will be goulash and a vegetarian option.


Children are welcome. Until the age of 4 children are free. For children from 5 till 14 a Children Ticket is necessary. This ticket is half price.
Sure. We will have a special area for children to play with workshops and a Folk Fair. Also there's a swimming pool and the location is perfect to bring children in contact with nature. Parents do have to take the responsibility over their children though.
As long as they don't bother others, dogs are allowed but have to be on leash within the village. Dogs are not allowed to stay in the bedrooms. Dog owners are responsible for any damage, nuisance or cleaning. In case a dog causes a nuisance for other guests, we have to ask the specific dog owner to leave.
If you plan to bring a tent of more than 4 square meter p.p., please inform us.
No, at the camping and in the houses you can bring your own food and drinks but not on the festival area. Why is this? Because the chefs also bee to make a living, without this rule this would not be possible.


Your ticket allows to camp in Bedepuszta during the festival and to make use of the facilities. The ticket is valid from 6 August 3 PM till 11 August 1 PM. Ticket includes 4 days of music programs, mindfulness programs, readings, activities and breakfast from 2 August till 6 August. It does NOT include food and drinks, rental of accommodation, camping upgrades, mountainbikes. lockers etc.
You can camp till 11 August 1 PM.
We can not give any guarantees on the weather, but in this period it normally is over 30 degrees in daytime and around 18 at night.
Absolutely! We are glad to help with any questions on this topic.
We are glad to help. Please mail to: hello[at]thegreatyonder.eu
We are not an association, but profit is not our first goal. Firstly we try to make the event financially sustainable so we can built out the project (already a challenge with the small and limited amount of visitors). If we make profit, the money will be invested in a bio diversity program in the Bede Valley.
We cannot remember that it ever rained at The Great Yonder, but better be prepared with a poncho and rain boots. Normally there aren't that much mosquitoes, but this year it could be different because of the spring floods, so bring a mosquito repellant spray. If you like to swim, better bring a towel!


In houses, rooms and bell tents, the bedding is included. In bell tents and other Glamping options, towels are not included.
In some houses yes. Of course the guests have to be in the possession of a festival ticket.
In houses and rooms yes, elsewhere not.
If you rented a house than you can park your car next to the house for free. If you rented a room or a camping upgrade, then you need to buy a parking ticket for your car.