Are you staying on the campsite and do you not want to carry around valuable items the entire time, or do you need to charge your phone somewhere? Then you can rent a locker with an electricity connection. And there are more services: among other things, we offer you the possibility to rent a mountain bike, so you can explore the landscape of the Cserhát. 

Do you want to combine your visit to The Great Yonder with interesting events in the region or travel across the centre of Europe? We will list a few things for you here.

Het project Bedepuszta

Extra services

Locker with 220V: Private locker with key and electricity for charging devices: 35 euro for 7 days.

Mountainbike rental: Rental period form 8 AM till 8 PM. Price 15 euro per day.

Breakfast Club: Complete breakfast in the Pavilion. Price 7.50 euro per day.

What’s happening in and around Bedepuszta before and after The Great Yonder?

4-11 augustus 2020: Sziget Festival in Budapest
One of Europe’s best and biggest festivals and ends the day before The Great Yonder starts. Interesting? Yes! and note that it’s only a one hour drive.

18-20 augustus 2020: Festival of Folk Arts in Budapest:
Directly after The Great Yonder starts teh biggest folk happening in Central Europa, including artisans, dansers, music and food from all over the Carpathian bassin. The event takes place within the walls of Buda Castle on the west side of the Danube.

20 augustus 2020: National holiday.
On this day Hungary celebrates it’s over one thousand year existance with a majestic firework show on the Danube, right after sunset.