Ecstatic Dance

Seize the day with Ecstatic Dance!

What exactly is Ecstatic Dance? Very simple: take off your shoes, no drugs or alcohol, a pleasant environment, headsets on, stop speaking and dance for a while, but…

DJade and Joshua take you into a world of music styles in their live music and DJ sets.

In addition, Joshua and Jade give a Khulana session with an emphasis on stillness and conscious breathing with a deepening aspect. Then a light and short warm up to move on to an Ecstatic Dance session with DJade and live played eStruments.

Jade is an Ecstatic Dance DJ who connects the most diverse music and styles in her set. From African and Sufi music to Deep House, Hip-Hop and Dubstep and from Classical and Folk themes effortlessly switches to Drum & Bass and Electronic trance dance beats. Trained as a performance, visual and sound artist at the Royal Academy of Art and the Conservatory in The Hague and also trained in the NIA movement theory, Jade is an avid dancer. As a DJ she thinks in terms of movement, connection, emotion and dynamics. Her passion and energy are contagious and touch everyone who attends her performances.

Joshua Samson is a percussion artist, eStrument player and improviser pur sang. Joshua has played the Great Yonder in recent years as a solo artist and with the Jam de la Creme collective. He traveled with his music through India, South America, the US, China, Africa and almost all countries in Europe and is now back in Bedepuszta.