Lápi Banda (HU)

The Lápi Banda is a band consisting of young musicians from the Szabolcs Szatmár Bereg region, to be precise from Nagyecsed, where the Szatmári folk dance and music originated. In addition to the musicians, the dancers are also real “Nagyecsed” people and dancing is in their blood. They are not professional dancers, but they like to do this in their free time, because they think it is important to honor their traditions. The only one who can bite a strange duck is the young female prímás Mariëlle van Luijk or “Marcsi”, who leads the orchestra and is also the only foreigner. Since the first time she set foot in the village, she knew that her destiny was inextricably linked to the dancers and musicians. In addition to the performance, the audience is also invited to take a few dance steps, so that the audience and orchestra can end up together.